John Clint

Path of Exile

Most gamers when they expect a game - oh well, they simply expect it. Apparently a group of RPG games followers hadn't patience and their started to create their own game (I wish I had their guts and their ideas also, but until then I am only writing about others games).

Path of Exile exceed many expectation, it is constantly compared with the well known game Diablo, named Game of the Year in 2013 by many gaming magazines.

This game is simple, but not so simple at the same time. It has three levels of difficulties: Normal, Cruel and Merciless, the action unfolding on three acts for each level of difficulty. You can play with one of the six classes: Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar and the Witch, and after finishing the game on Normal level, you unlock a special class, Scion. You can build character attributes as you want, having a huge skill tree. Maybe this is the best part about this game the fact that you can imagine one character and then being able to create it as you want. Many games that include classes of characters have this option, but most certainly not all of them have such an extensive skill tree, plus you can also personalize your character on looks and also weapons.

There is no official currency in this game, which makes the economy quite interesting. Also, money can be invested into play only in "cosmetics", which prevents imbalance among those players who pay and those who do not. Everything is all about strategy in this game and nothing else. So, if you think that you can level up by buying stuff in this game, you are wrong. You only pay so that your character looks good and nothing else more. You can't buy skills or something like that. Your mind is the one that can make a difference in this game, not your money. Many players may not like this fact, but I honestly do since I am not the kind of player that likes to invest money on games.

Not to give more details about this game, I totally recommend it, especially to action RPG games fans. I forgot to say one essential thing about this game - is free to play on Steam where you can a unlock plenty of achievements.

Have fun!